Inox Green

Sustainable savings.

Saving is good for the environment

The change in energy infrastructure, renewable energy, higher living standards, and basic hygiene standards, create multiple opportunities for a product as flexible as stainless steel. Inoxea knows very well the dynamics of demand, and it prevents waste and consumption with experience.

The new energy infrastructure and radical changes in energy production, moving towards renewable energy sources, create a strong demand for stainless steel. The constraints on the properties of the materials are very strict, environmental protection and solutions for greater efficiency in terms of resources also impart a jump in demand for stainless steel.

The demand of stainless steel is also connected to the high standard of living. Due to the increasing trend of urbanization, there is a strong need for a material having a low impact on the environment. A very low energy requirement and a good profile of emissions meet customer demand sensitive to the materials produced in a sustainable way.

Stainless steel is also a material that ensures high standards of hygiene. With the increase in population, the distribution of both food and drinking water is becoming more important. The high quality products enable our customers to offer the most sustainable solutions to meet the basic human needs in the most efficient way.

Inoxea manages to succeed in a sustainable way because of the three functions that provide the service of its customers: trade, carpentry and stainless steel metalworking.

The service of Inoxea starts from the request of the slab, at competitive costs, to the customization of the finished product, which can avoid a large amount of waste since the time of design, and its attention to save energy during each process, such as transportation and the green structure where the workpiece is machined.

The buildings themselves were outfitted with solar panels that power the process of creating energy. So there is a strong focus on its ability to reduce processing time, and the reuse of waste for special creations of furniture and design.

Inoxea makes steel green, efficient and sustainable.