Past and present

over 50 years of passion for stainless steel


Paolo Grandi began working in a local welding in the city center of Brescia and two years later moved to its current location, specializing in interior construction in stainless steel for the petrochemical industry.


Transfer of the current local


The company expanded


The present Inoxea started srl offering trade, plasma cutting and machining of stainless steel.


We purchased a numerical control plant for the cutting of metal sheets, equipped with a high-definition generator and a system for real-time detection of the order production was installed.


All personal computers are connected to the Internet and equipped with own mailbox


We got the certification that we meet the requirements of EN ISO 9001 (2000). In the edition of Italian Quality Award 2003 organized by the Italian Quality Award for the dissemination of the culture of quality in SMEs, we received a Regional Honorable Mention.


We bought a high capacity truck and already complies with the “Euro 5″ and electronic forklifts


The plasma cutting department is equipped with top lifting equipment, an innovative bathtub equipped with an automatic device for cleaning, a collection system of the slag and an office for the programming of the process.


We designed and realized a new electrical system for the entire company and management control and was added to the main machinery and services. Mr. Paolo Grandi was awarded the title of Knight of Labour.


In February we achieved certification to the OHSAS 18001 standard that allows our organization to control risks and improve the level of health and safety at work.


A beautiful sculpture of steel is placed representig a golden eagle


A photovoltaic system was placed on the roof of the sheds that are consequently adapted to the present regulations.


Born Inoxeart, our fourth division that creates objects in limited series stainless steel. We have been awarded Enterprise with Award for Safety from INAIL and Confindustria sponsored by the President of the Republic.


The Lombardy Regions has included us in the list of companies that make “Good Practices”. We have renovated the offices.


We are speakers at a conference on stainless steel at “Expo 2015”. Viene a mancare il nostro fondatore Paolo Grandi


The organizat of the sales and technical office has has changed.     We have showing some of our creations in rolling mill during the “FAI days”.  


We have the wi-fi network in our company. We bought new trucks for transport. We had rebuild  our web sites.


A worker of Inoxea is appointed “Master of Labor” by the President of the Italian Republic.   We have introduced new laser cutting .   We have a new canteen service.  


New sander-deburring machine in the cutting department


Place an automatic storehaouse