Inox Carpentry

Our company carries out manufacture and custom commissioned work for the chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, mechanical, marine, pharmaceutical and electro sectors.

We carry out commissioned work specfically following drawing supplied by the customer.

Our Works

  • carpentry
  • mechanics of average precision
  • welding in general
  • deposits welding (weld overlay)

Collaboration with our customer is the key word for us;a clear relationship means we can come to a better solution of the product and to the reduce costs.

The processed material are steel in general; in particular stainless steel, nickel alloys and aluminium.

We carry out:

  • penetrant inspections performed by qualified internal personnel
  • radiographic controls and ultrasound controls performed by qualified personnel externally.

With regards to the petrochemical sectors, here are some types of internals of reactors made by us:

  • outlet collector
  • inlet basket
  • outlet cone
  • inlet collector
  • inlet diffuser
  • screening baskets
  • distributor tray
  • sieve tray
  • top / middle / bottom perforated tray
  • quench distributor / deck
  • internal grids and support beams
  • Thermowells (thermocouples)

We carry weld overlay of steel, nickel alloys of nozzles, flanges, connections, plates.

We perform repairs on bases and facilities in general.

We are specialized in the active repair of special hammers and presses used in the field of hot forging.

We perform refills of molds and laminating rollers.